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6 Quick Ways to Get Readers to Subscribe to Your Email List

Source: iContact 6 Quick Ways to Get Readers to Subscribe to Your Email List Email marketing is one of the most effective strategies for driving sales, with 77 percent of consumers claiming that emails are their preferred way to receive

The New Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation And What It Means To Email Marketers

Source: iContact It’s been five years in the coming, but the new Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) is here and came into effect on July 1st. If you haven’t made preparations for compliance yet, now’s the time to get started. The

Anatomy of an Email

Courtesy of iContact Put the pieces together to build an effective email Well-built and well-crafted emails share common elements that build trust   with the audience. Let’s jump right in and discuss some of the parts of an   email, as well

Email Marketing Frequency

Courtesy of iContact How do you know when to hit send? The two questions every email marketer asks are: How often should you send your emails? When is the best time to send your emails? Because every business is different

Getting Past SPAM Filters

Courtesy of iContact Avoid spam filters by understanding how they work. Simply put, spam is unwanted email sent to a whole list of people. Over time,   spam filters have compiled a long list of criteria to determine whether the   content