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Calhans Marketing Services

Marketing is defined as the activity and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offers that have value for customers and clients at large. Activity is the key word. If your customers can not find you, how can they purchase from you? Calhans helps create that activity, and can creatively deliver the right communication to your customer. We will work within your budget and will do everything possible to maximize the campaign's effectiveness to help your company increase visibility and sales.

Marketing / Advertising / PRTraditional Marketing Services
We provide a variety of traditional marketing services for our customers. This includes: direct mail campaigns, market research, branding programs, promotional programs, product marketing and more.

Marketing / Advertising / PRE-Marketing Services
E-marketing is a great way to reach new customers who primarily spend their time on the internet. We provide a full-range of e-marketing services, including: banner ads, e-mail campaigns, social networking marketing, pay-per-click advertising, website trafficking, and more.
Marketing / Advertising / PRRetail Consulting & Mystery Shopping
Calhans has more than eight years of retail consulting experience. From ensuring retail stores have the right atmospheres and displays, to proper customer service, we have our retail clients covered. We also provide Mystery Shopping services to help retail clients improve in various areas of business.
Marketing / Advertising / PROther Marketing Consulting Services
Calhans provides many other marketing consulting services for our clients. These services include: marketing planning, marketing research, new product development, brand identity and strategic positioning, sales representation, and more.

Calhans Advertising Services

We have all seen the bright billboards lit up at Times Square or have seen one of the great Super Bowl ads. Calhans understands that not everyone has the money to get that kind of exposure. While we can do that for you if you want, we will work within your budget to maximize the effectiveness of your advertising needs. Catchy ads help you get noticed, and we have the ability to help build that creative ad that will get everyone talking about you.

Marketing / Advertising / PRPrint Advertising
Calhans provides a full-range of print advertising services. From developing and designing the print ads to placing your advertisements in the right media. we will successfully manage your advertising campaigns 
voice-iconRadio Advertising
Despite technological advances, radio advertising is still a very proven method of reaching out to your customers. Calhans can provide you with everything you need to conduct a radio advertising campaign, from developing the ads to placing them on the stations 
Marketing / Advertising / PRTelevision Advertising
Television advertising is the most expensive, but the most effective, of all the traditional advertising methods out there. Calhans provides customers with a full array of television advertising, including development and placing of the ads 
Marketing / Advertising / PROnline Advertising
Online advertising is becoming more and more effective, as more people are spending their time online. Our full range of advertising services include: banner ads, pay-per-click advertising and much more. 

Calhans Public Relations Services

Public relations is the practice of managingt the flow of information between an organziation and its general public. Because that information is extremely critical, effective management and communications are necessary. That is where Calhans comes into play. Our experts have the necessary expereince to deal with the media, general public, and your customers, in ensuring smooth relations between you and them.

Marketing / Advertising / PRCorporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
It seems like corporations today are constantly under the microscope. Calhans believes that the CSR issues, if manged well, can be opportunities for a company to build its reputation and differentiate itself. We can assess your company’s CSR strengths and weaknesses and develop a plan to enhance your reputation.
Marketing / Advertising / PRCrisis Management
Crises can unfold at an amazing spped. Responding to a crisis requires an organization’s leadership to remain focused. Calhans helps to anticipate the types of situations you could face, and help contain a crisis with an effective response.
Marketing / Advertising / PRMedia Relations
From “Good Morning America” to the New York Times, we know how reporters and producers think and what they want. Our experience with the media, and our understanding of it, is what makes us the right fit for our client’s media relations needs. 
Marketing / Advertising / PRCustomer Relations
Lets face the facts – your customer should be the most important aspect of your business. Often times we get too busy to remember our customers’ best interests. Calhans can help you get back to square one, help you relate to your customers, and ensure  they will keep coming back to you for their needs